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J.W. Crawford Consulting harnesses the future of recruiting, right now, with the power of Artificial Intelligence. Driven by human intelligence. This brings you and your team a seamless staffing experience from the first interview to your candidate signing their offer letter. Our proprietary recruiting process pulls from a pool of both existing candidates actively on the job market, as well as reaching out to passive candidates off the market to give you the edge you need to hire quickly and efficiently. This is the "edge" we provide to our clients, saving them between 10 and 15 hours per week.

Our Areas of Expertise:

We Speak "Scale"

"Scale" is needed at different times for every growing business. Maybe a Y-Combinator startup looking to hit that next growth milestone. Or large organizations looking to retain a "growth culture" as they move toward an IPO. Our clients are somewhere between those two ends of the spectrum. We've helped staff entire organizations, ranging from Senior Software Developers to VP of Sales to C-level executives for clients in the Internet, Software, Telecom, Financial Services, Advertising,  Marketing, Cryptocurrency, Cybersecurity industries - to name a few! Either way, you can trust that we have what it takes to fill your openings in Software, Sales, Marketing or Executive Search. 

Seeing is Believing
We believe in providing upfront value to earn your business. Because of that, there are no fees or obligations to view our candidates' resumes -- or even conduct a first round interview. We only earn our fee if you hire one of our candidates.


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We view ourselves as an extension of your brand and take that responsibility seriously. Correctly articulating your company culture ensures we are able to present excellent candidates who desire to make a long-term impact on your team - not just clock in and clock out. 

Meet The Executive Team! 

Virginia Jenkins CMO, Co-founder

With a Bachelor's in Marketing and 30+ years of sales and management experience, Virginia both runs a full recruiting desk and helps ensure everything runs smoothly at J.W. Crawford! She believes strongly in her faith and holds it as the cornerstone to her success!

Joseph Crawford CEO, Co-founder

Joseph founded J.W. Crawford Consulting in the Winter of 2015. He took his political networking experience and passion for entrepreneurship to bootstrap J.W. Crawford Consulting from a kitchen table startup to an established recruiting firm. Joseph loves spending time with his family and travelling to water front locations as often as possible!

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