Is Your Business Fit?

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A healthy and fit business takes more than hard work. It takes the right strategies, the right tools, and the right people. No one person can efficiently and sustainably do it all.

Which are you?

Doer or Deal Maker?

Some business owners are really good operators. They have a plan, know their numbers and work their plan. They look for small improvements every day and hesitate to entertain new strategies because they know what works.

On the other end of the spectrum you have the deal makers. They quickly bore of the doing and are constantly on the hunt for the next big idea. They are always on the lookout for a business they can buy, a new concept they can negotiate the rights for, or a new partnership they can forge.

I think we all have a little bit of both traits in us, but most of us lean into one or the other.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs I’ve worked with are able to perform well as both Doer and Deal Maker.

The Complication

The problems occur when wearing both hats, the area you are strongest in suffers.

That's why businesses have contractors, employees, management, directors, and owners. Each level and position is able to focus and specialize on their role within the organization.

The Solution

Not all businesses need that many levels of operation, but it is very clear that the businesses who scale the fastest and and survive no matter the economical climate have systems in place to distribute the load.

And that comes in many forms. Leveraging a great marketing system, maximizing that system to scale with a trained and efficient sales team, access to funding and resources to grow at every opportunity without hesitation.

J. W. Crawford is a Business Growth Agency.

We specialize in driving business growth that leverages systems and tools to address the needs of every business:

Business Capital

Talent Acquisition

Growth Strategy

Is Your Biz Fit

Ask yourself the following:

1: Up Down or Flat?

Is your business declining, staying neutral, or growing? If your business is not growing, its time to reevaluate.

2: Vision

Do you have a clear and concise vision that you, your team, and your clients understand. This creates culture

3: Team

Do you have a team? You need a team of specialists. Each who understand the vision, system, and results as a whole, but only focuses on their specialty within the process

4: System

Do you have a system that is understood by all and efficiently produces the results professed by your vision?

5: Predictable

Are your systems predictable? Can you rationally predict the outcome of your actions based on the measurable data produced by your systems at work?

6: Profitable

Are these systems profitable?

7: Scalable

Can your systems and processes be easily and predictably duplicated

8: Independence

Can your business run without you?

If you answered "No" or "I Don't Know" to even One of these questions...

It is time to meet your new BFF! Your Business Fitness Facilitator is here to give you a full business physical, diagnose any inefficiencies and introduce you to the tools and strategies to increase your profit and reduce your time spent working in your business. We are here to help you improve your quality of life.

Make more money and have more free time to enjoy it


We view ourselves as an extension of your brand and take that responsibility seriously.

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